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1. Membership is open to all persons, 18 years or older, interest in golf, and of good character within the community.

2. Submit an application to the Board of Directors for review and final approval will be the general membership.

3. All members will abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Central Texas Players Golf Association and have the right to vote and hold office except an Associate member.

4. To obtain an application, click here to download. Mail to: CTPGA, P.O. Box 11525, Killeen, TX 76547 or call Mr. Marcus Lane, Membership Chairman, 706-464-5987.

Lawrence G. Holly
Lawrence G. Holly - President
Lawrence "Larry" Holly was accepted as a member of CTPGA in Sep 2001. He has served as Handicap Chairman, Parliamentarian, and as a member of the club's budget committee. Larry was elected as Club President in August 2010, re-elected as President in August for 2012 - 2014, and again re-elected in August 2014 for year 2015-2016. Additionally, elect as Vice President of Southwestern Regional Golf Association in April 2012.
Jerome Blackman
Jerome Blackman - Vice President/Assistant Tournament Director
Appointed Vice President October 2014
Melvin Brown
Melvin Brown - Past President
Haywood Epperson
Haywood Epperson - Member
Joe Epperson
Joe Epperson - Member
Clarence Carson
Clarence Carson - Member
Oscar Jackson
Oscar Jackson - Honorary Member / Past President
Earl Kennedy
Earl Kennedy - Member
Cleophus C. Lewis
Cleophus C. Lewis - Honorary Member
Alden Maiden
Alden Maiden - Member
Henry Mosley
Henry Mosley - Honorary Member
Billy Smitha
Billy Smitha - Member
Vance Winslow
Vance Winslow - Honorary Member
Calvin Bailey
Calvin Bailey - Member
Selected for a second term as Vice President in August 2012 and served until October 2014. Calvin serves as AssistantTournament Committee Chairman until October 2014
Robert Stinson
Robert Stinson - Honorary Member
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - Honorary member
James Dukes
James Dukes - Treasurer/Budget
Tim Belford
Tim Belford - Member
Lee Lucas
Lee Lucas - Member
David Matthew Reid
David Matthew Reid - Member
Member since 2013
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